Family Apartments

Family Apartments


  • Status: Design proposal, 2012
  • Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Site area: 2,400 sq.ft.
  • Built up area: 8,000 sq.ft.
  • No. of units:4


This design consisted of four compact vasthu compliant contemporary apartments for members of the same family.

The apartments were designed with a compact core with very minimal common areas. Each floor had a single unit maximising privacy and ventilation for all the rooms. An open plan but with the kitchen being visually shielded from the formal livng room and a seperate service entry for each unit and other features of the layout. The two bedrooms were designed to be spacious with with walk in wardrobes and a study room in each floor completes the apartment. The penthouse, though similar in size was designed with an inward looking central courtyard which was open to sky.

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Exposed structural concrete walls which double up as feature walls, large openings and wooden louvers help in creating sleek, minimal and contemporary spaces.

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