• Status: Design proposal, 2013
  • Location: Lingsugur, Karnataka
  • Site area: 5 acres


This design proposal was for a start up pharmaceutical company to set up a factory in Lingsugur, Karnataka. The structure was designed as the first phase development within a 5 acres property of which 2 acres was left for a green belt and future expansion. The factory was designed to accomodate the demanding workflow of the company and a lot of emphasis was given to reduce the production times with an efficient layout.

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Architecturally, the structure was designed to be very simple to keep construction cost and time in check while still providing a structure which stood out and created a statement. Large north facing windows provide ample sunlight for the entire factory floor. The complex consists of the main production and storage block, an admin block and a utility block. The visitor areas and the entrance were designed to look modern and chic and give a distinct identity for the company.

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