chaaye stall

chaaye stall


  • Status: Completed, 2012
  • Location: Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Carpet area: 740 sq.ft.
  • No. of covers: 36


The café designed for two young entrepreneurs had a brief to create earthy and warm interiors, and you can say we took the name Chaaye stall quite seriously! The site which was earlier a car spare part store was small and quite claustrophobic. The glass facade was removed to make the café more open and airy. Earthy textures are introduced with hand plastered walls, wood cladding, terracotta flooring, bamboo railings and cane mats.

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One aspect was to re-look at interpreting the basic necessities for a café in unique ways i.e, furniture and lighting, and the other was to explore the market to pick and re use objects. Tranluscent Ceramic cups and kettles made beautiful light fittings. Traditionally woven cane baskets from Manipur were custom made to suit our needs and they were then mounted as wall lights. These become the highlight of the space creating amazing light and shadow on the hand plastered walls. Chatai mats are used as a light fixture in the false ceiling.

Seating options are several with built in kadappa seats, milk cans, charpoys, modas and low seats made of packing wood. Used old doors are painted and re used as back rests. The tables are made of packing wood strips. They are polished and stamped with ‘Chai‘ quotes. The billing counter is a ‘thela’ look alike with wheels and frame attached to a wooden counter. There are other interesting features like a tea cup clock, wall space to display sketches and paintings of streetscape. All in all it was a fun project to explore and work on.

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