• Status: Work in progress
    • Location: Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka
    • Built up area: 6550 sq.ft.


The hotel building is designed as as an eco sensitive and energy efficient structure that incorporates indigenous construction technology and material palette.
The overall zoning of the structure is a contemporary take on the vernacular architectural style of the region called ‘Thotti mane’ while simultaneously following the principles of Vasthu.

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The structure is designed around a central courtyard that opens up towards the north letting in pleasant light through the day. The passages and common areas all open towards this private courtyard increasing cross ventilation and help create a stack effect inside. Contemporary jaali screens help keep outer walls open while still giving privacy to the occupants inside on the higher levels.

The three storey structure recedes at each floor at the ends creating six open terrace gardens that overlook each other. These common interaction spaces are also effective water catchment areas for rainwater harvesting. The topmost terrace houses the solar panels for water heating and generating electricity.

Adobe walls and alternative roofing technologies reduce the use of RCC. Further, the blocks itself are made from excavated earth from the site for rainwater ‘tankas’, the foundation of the structure and the well. Rat trap bond walls in the western and the southern side reduce the heat permeating into the building. This along with bespoke sun-breaker louvers for the windows, earth air tunnels, and shaft effect combine to make the structure extremely energy efficient.

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