• Status: Completed, 2019
  • Location: Fortune Prime, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • Area: 2400 sq.ft.
  • Pictures by: Shine Parsana (Shinescapes)


This 4BHK apartment occupying a carpet area of 2400sft was completed by us in 2019.

The Builders plan was modified in many ways to finally suit the client’s requirements. Our Client preferred the house to be more swanky-high-toned than cozy-casual-earthy.

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The Entrance of the house directly opens out to a big space combining the casual living and the dining space. A wooden ceiling to visually segregates the living and dining. The details of the wood-stone ceiling, with a beautiful pendant light in the center, flows down further to merge into the Puja doors. The material palette plays an important role in bringing the snazzy flavor into the house. The stone veneer, the wood, the brass highlights with the marble infusing in various mediums, totally evolves the voguish character which flows into spaces of this apartment. The bold print and vibrant color of the fabric family juxtaposes the mix of the neutral furniture which gels in with the existing color palette.

The rooms are designed comfortably to suit the occupants. The colour, texture, pattern are all derived to evolve the theme. The daughter’s room is perfect example of the bold & the beautiful much like the vibrant and young occupant of the room. Use of bold colour highlights and patterns is aplenty in this room. The son’s room is a classic combination of black and grey with an imposing headboard adding to the fun element in this room. A blue rugged light along with a blue highlighter glass completes the modern and drab vibe of the room.

The Master bedroom is a statement of luxury with the play and veneer and brass beadings majorly. A long sinewy headboard and sober play of fabric add a very neutral background to the play of veneer and brass on the wardrobe and the panels of the room. An extended dresser in the same theme adds on to the succour of this room. A chic kitchen with glossy white and a metallic grey complete this apartment.

The play of vibrant colors, bold textures and patterns, infusing combination of materials and finishes and attractive drop lights is seen in abundance in this house. Statement walls, designs and feature make it visual treat.

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