Pasta Street Indranagar

Pasta Street Indranagar


  • Status: Completed, 2017
  • Location: Indira Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Carpet area: 3,250 sq.ft.
  • No. of covers: 90
  • Pictures by: Nikhil Valsaraj


Pasta street is an Italian restaurant that was designed as a contemporary take on classic Italian pasta places. The diner and wine bar is nested on a street abuzz with activities all through the day pulling in-crowd from the residential and commercial areas around.

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An open kitchen overlooks the cozy dining space with a color palette that is classy and recognizable. Customized metal drop lights cast mild patterns both indoor and outdoor seating. Lit up shelves with pasta jars of different types adorn the wall. The ambiance is perfect for large groups as well as private dining.

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