• Status: Completed, 2019
  • Location: Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Carpet area: 3,900 sq.ft.
  • No. of covers: 124
  • Pictures by: Shine Parsana (Shinescapes)


We were commissioned to design a 3,900 sft speciality Italian restaurant, third of its type in Bangalore, Whitefield.
sWe created an Interplay of material, pattern, colour, texture, which would be reflective of the mood of the Italian style.

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The bar is envelopes by a rustic monochromatic grey finish on the floor, walls and ceiling, merging in to a grid of rectangular and square compositions punctured at intervals creating an interesting backlit medley which juxtaposes the homogeneous environment.

In the central bay the ceiling was prompted by an approach where we choose to accentuate rather than conceal its features. We inserted a series of wooden repetitive beadings forming a warm textural grid in itself and creating a pattern of arrangement for the pendant lights.

A distinctive feature that we introduced was a network of c-shaped brass polished members which were adorning the ceiling right above the fixed seating bay. These members were integrated with an LED light reflecting another network within themselves on the subtle ceiling.The repetitive rustic monochromatic wall of the fixed seating bay was further accentuated with a random pop-up of mirrors, colours, and graphics of a kind.

The restaurant faces a 20ft long outdoor area, highlighted with stone grey square pockets created carefully by arranging and breaking through MS rafters. The Natural light coming into the restaurant gives it the ability to transform from a light filled and casual eatery during a day to a potent, high energy experience in the night.

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