• Status: Completed, 2016
  • Location:Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Carpet area: 5,262 sq.ft.
  • No. of covers: 150
  • Pictures by: Nikhil Valsaraj


The bigge is the flagship format of the beer cafe and everything about the place was designed to be larger than life! The biggie had to be big literally in terms of space, the experience, the food and of course variety of beer on offer!

It started out as an simple old house with a large garden in the backyard and a separate garage. Most of the existing structure was retained and the garage which was converted into the kitchen and store. An additional large MS structure was conceived to connect and envelop these two separate structures together. This structure forms the large double height-ed central seating space, a long bar counter with a row of chillers and display shelves displaying the large number of beer brands on offer and a stage. The first floor looks into this space giving a good view of the stage, the bar counter and the composite oxide and tile flooring made to represent the rising froth of beer. The entire space opens out to the spacious garden in the back which has the outdoor seating.

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The entrance is simple and plain offering little evidence to the amount of space on offer inside. The foyer is dramatic and sets the tone for the rest of the space. An infinity beer bottle wall here signifies the large number of specialty beer brands on offer in the place. The existing building was converted into a lounge with a pool table and a conference room that offers a space for people to work especially since the biggie was located in Koramangala considered the startup capital in India! The biggie isn’t a space designed for the night birds alone, its an all day space. Sunlight filters down from the glass tiles on the roof by the eastern side and bathes the double height space with sunlight and a play of shadow patterns. The place was designed to resemble an abandoned warehouse. The exposed steel beams and structural members and all the furniture help create an industrial vibe. The seating in the open terrace towards the front and the garden towards the back are the rest of the seating spaces.

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