• Location: Marol, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Typology: Residential Interiors
  • Status: Completed, 2017
  • Carpet Area: 1200 sq.ft.


This apartment was designed to be a clean functional place, with maximum utilisation of space and yet not give the impression of boxy storage filled spaces. It was a 3BHK with a separate dining dining space given to us, which we were required to convert into a home boutique run by the mistress of the apartment. So with minimum layout changes and maximum space utilisation we handed over a clutter free, functional and elegant apartment to our overjoyed clients.

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Right from the entrance, the language furniture looking like seamless panels began. An elaborate storage unit running through the foyer into the living space was designed, with barely any handles and shutters visible. The Puja door too was flush into the panelling on the opposite wall.

The Dining table space had to be added into the bigger living space and was done effortlessly. A table with a bench seat and mirror on the back wall tucks in the dining table into one side of the living room perfectly. The overall language of these areas is white panelling and furniture which makes the space look bigger and easier on the eye. Pop of colour in the upholstery and back-lit highlighters of Alabaster bring in the radiance of the space.

The rooms have been designed with lighter shades of white and beige and a pop of timeless wood shades, to maintain the simple yet snazzy tone in the apartment. The daughter’s room was designed to suit the inmate of the room. A vibrant artwork, cosy colours and a platform bed are tailor made for the young artist. Designs with handle-less wardrobe and storage unit designs have been detailed out to make the rooms feel commodious and tidy.

Right from linens, frames, art pieces to decor pieces, special attention has been given to every nook and corner to give the inhabitants a pleasurable living space.

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